Wordpress Website Development

Take advantage of this popular CMS to build a powerful site backed by extensive community support and thousands of add-on features.

For larger websites, and more complex projects, unlike the less complex content management system Statamic, Wordpress provides a fully expandable and extremely capable framework on which almost any type of website can be built.

By leveraging Wordpress’ powerful plugin system, in combination with the vast ecosystem of Wordpress’ 3rd party plugin library, nearly any conceivable client project can be achieved with the use of this long-established platform.

An estimated 24% of all sites on the internet are powered by Wordpress which means that the system is widely supported, extensively documented and has a vast community-driven support network behind it. Wordpress can be considered as a future-proof solution for any reasonably large website.

Some projects may require an alternative approach however, especially those which involve a lot of highly custom functionality out-with the capabilities of existing 3rd party plugins, or complex interlinked data. For that reason, I often suggest a Laravel-based build as a solution for certain projects or applications.

I’m always open and clear about my selection of platform when building a website, as I believe 100% in the capabilities of whichever solution I select for a project. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your project further, and find out which technology may be the best fit for your requirements.

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