Laravel Framework Development

The sky's the limit with powerful PHP-driven frameworks such as Laravel

For some websites or applications, especially those which require a great deal of customisation or highly specific internal company functionality, I will normally propose the use of the flexible and popular framework Laravel.

Unlike the other two systems I suggest, Wordpress and Statamic, Laravel provides more of an open-ended framework than the slightly more rigid structure of the other two. This allows for far greater project scope, and a greater degree of freedom when it comes to planning and designing the build process.

Inevitably, the cost implications of a more flexible platform such as Laravel will mean that a project built on its foundations will cost more than a similar project built with Wordpress, but the additional flexibility it provides along with the greater degrees of freedom when it comes to customisation mean that it’s often an agreeable choice, especially for companies with an interest in developing in-house software, or websites with particularly complex data requirements.

Such decisions aren’t always easy, and that’s why I aim to help wherever possible to make the correct choice as to which platform to base your web project on. Let me know if you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail.

I’m always open and clear about my selection of platform when building a website, as I believe 100% in the capabilities of whichever solution I select for a project. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your project further, and find out which technology may be the best fit for your requirements.

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